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Secondhand shopping

7 Sep

My Mom and I kicked off Labor Day weekend with some secondhand shopping and I found this great aluminum cake and pie carrier.

She and I had been talking about finding one for a while since we both seem to take desserts to functions and we never have a great way of carrying them – always something make-shift like an upside down bowl on a cookie sheet. But no more!

The whole thing is three levels and, frankly, will carry whatever you want. The bottom is shallow enough for pies; the center for cakes (the part with the black side handle); and the top is open – great for candles/plates/etc. You can also flip the top and middle pieces to make one large carrier … which would keep you from flattening the icing on a giant cupcake.

The handle snaps on easily and I love shape and all the different colors of green. It’s possible that there’s an unforeseen (re: epic fail) reason for someone to have purged this from their kitchen. We shall see …

But the best part about this carrier? The price. $2.00! A complete steal! I can see why someone might want to get rid of it – it’s not as modern and snazzy as, say, the cup/cake carrier that Martha Stewart makes; that one switches up easily and comes with a price tag that’s more than I want to spend for something that will rarely come in handy. For as much as I’ll use this, $2.00 is plenty and I can put up with any hassles it gives me. Plus, there is the added bonus that no one can accidentally take my carrier home by mistake!


Baking with Baba

23 Nov

I went up to my Baba’s house this past weekend – Baba is Hungarian for grandmother – and taught me how to make a cookie that is part of our family tradition. Kifli (pronounced Kee-Flee) are little pastry cookies filled with either walnuts and condensed milk – yum! – or a fruit preserve and then dunked in powdered sugar while they’re still hot. The walnut version is far superior, in most of my family’s eyes, so we made a batch for the coming Thanksgiving holiday. A batch is roughly 9 dozen, so it takes a while to make.

My Baba pulls out the two cookies sheets we’ll be using and grabs parchment paper for the one and butter to grease the second. She tells me that, if I don’t want the added expense of parchment paper, I can make them just as well on a greased cookie sheet. Then she mentions that Kifli baked on parchment comes out better. To which I wondered, if she has already tested this and knows which is better, why are we making a batch not on parchment paper?

As you can guess, the parchment Kifli turned out beautifully. Those on the greased cookie sheet are a little more “done” on the bottom than I would prefer. But I guess Baba made her point. The Kifli in the photo are from the parchment paper.

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