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Names & Monograms

14 Nov

I love it when I look at a catalog like Pottery Barn and see my monogram on an item. I know it’s simply a random coincidence, but I feel like they’re showing me what things would look like when I order them with a big “C” on them. I also love it when I see my name on things in catalogs. Growing up, that never happened. You could find almost any girl name sifting through the racks in tourist spots but mine, so seeing my name on things now is sort of making up for it. Especially when I see this on a website’s front page:

It’s a cute white Christmas stocking with a ceramic name plate and, though I already have a beautiful stocking that was knitted for my first Christmas and emblazoned with my name (not kidding – it is r-e-d), I still have to crush the urge to order it. The site is however giving me lots of ideas for making a simple ornament or two to gift this Christmas. Besides, if I make the gifts, I can easily apply my own custom monograms!


Oh, Letterpress

13 Jan

I finally got all of my Thank You cards for Christmas written and sent. Phew! I found an awesome box of r-nichols cards at TJ Maxx (no surprise there) last year in the clearance bin and, though the picture at the right is not the cards I sent out (they don’t have a picture on their site of those that I sent and my camera is crap) the picture is of a current card called “The Climbers” that I think is hilarious.

Cut paper cards are a lot of fun to make and, though mine are no where near as cute or adorable or precise as r-nichols, I still have fun making them. I just never have the time. Hence, clearance bin.

With all the design I do for Joe Appel Photography, I have found myself feeling a bit more creative and interested in do-it-yourself projects. I handed out very pretty, very little packages to my family this Christmas – tight budget this year due to impending grad school applications – complete with homemade bows. Target had awesome velour-ish wrapping paper on clearance the week before Christmas. I think everyone liked the paper more than their gifts – mostly candles. Oh well!

The I Do It Yourself website has a lot of ideas on how to make your own – almost – everything. And I’m kind of bummed I didn’t find the website until after Thanksgiving because of a contest they had for this home Letterpress. All the cool homemade cards and papers I could make with this thing would save me – well, probably not much because once I got it home, I’m sure I’d order plates by the dozen, paper by the ream and inks by the gallon – but it would be so cool to have one of these in my craft drawers keeping my Exacto company!

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