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Fail Whale

2 Sep

Fail Whale

I got my first (and second and third) Fail Whale today – I even got an iFail Whale! I know it’s not really that cool but I’ve never had one before. I’ve had a Twitter account for a while now and I’ve never got the whale – even while tweeting during massive twitter-trending topics. I feel like I’ve joined a new social group.

And while I was thinking about what random thing I would like to blog about today (but Caroline, you’re always so on-topic …) I was also surfing the web (shocker). I kept coming back to the whale illustration. I think it’s pretty cute, I mean, when was the last time you saw a smiling whale? Let alone one that’s being carried by eight birds flying in different directions? And then I was shown this t-shirt … with more birds:

Weight Ratio

Award yourself bonus points if you know what this is without rolling over for the picture title. Subtract 1,000 points if, after rolling over, you still have no idea what it is. And then go rent buy Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Lime in the CoconutLast weekend while I was at Kennywood, a girl walked by me wearing this shirt:

I stopped her in her tracks to tell her how much I loved it (I immediately started to sing the Muppets version in my head) and she told me about the company that sells the t-shirts: shirt.Woot.com

Pretty cool business idea … only sell the t-shirts people are buying. It’s genius.

With that being said … here’s a peek at some of today’s winners. (The Banana/Orange joke was a favorite of mine as a kid. Still is.)

[gallery, exclude=”1064,1065,1066″]



30 Aug

As I get better at this blogging thing, I want to customize more and more; every so often, I play around with the header illustrations. Because people read on both smart phones and computer screens, I take screen shots of both to make sure it’s a legible text to picture ratio.

I went to make a new header last week and needed a smart phone screen shot to see how the text laid over the colored circles and, when I loaded the blog to my phone, I noticed that I had an advertisement!

First, the ad is a total rip-off of Caribou Coffee. Well, sort of. It’s Caribou’s (old) font. It’s Caribou’s (old) color yellow. It’s a big boo. Or ‘bou. You pick.

Second, why is there an AD on MY blog? An AD that doesn’t even relate to the POST?!?

It only appears on the individual posts, which leads me to believe I’m going to have a banner ad on my computer monitor viewed-blog soon.


How … Rare?

23 May

Everyday I get newsletters from different groups I may (DailyCandy!) or may not (Found money! You helP?) have signed up for in the past.  Usually I delete them and leave it at that – far easier to delete than attempt to login to their website with a password I’m sure I forgot long ago and officially remove myself from their mailing list once and for all. Sunday at work is especially fun because I have three days worth of email built up and ready for me to go through; Today was no exception until I got to an email from Thrillist.com .

Aptitude tests are fun and I always get a kick out of taking the Meyers-Briggs (ENFP, thank you very much) to see if I’ve changed through the years, but I’ve wanted something along those lines for careers and now: Voila! – it’s as if the French heard my thoughts! By entering courses of study and jobs and whatnot you’ve had in your life, PathMotion will show you what other things people with similar backgrounds have done with their lives. Now, I’m guessing it’s not that scientific yet because, realistically how many people could have entered their information to date? But upon putting my information into their site I’m a little unhappy with the results.

Rare job species? I’ll give you a useful ‘prediction’: You won’t be able to get many users if a career path as large as “Graphic designer” yields no results. Designers, artists and Graphic Designers are not rare, especially not in France! Now I understand why their logo is a cutoff infinity sign; Their designer got tired of working with them.

I may take their “Work Personality” and “Career Assessment” tests for kicks and giggles to see what their “psychologists” suggest. I’d love to hear the words “cheese monger”.

Not in a million years

2 Sep

RoethlisbergerPittGirl is back and I simply love what she posted today about Ben Roethlisberger. Either way, I’m sure my sister is glad her argument that he is hot holds water. Unless I can prove that the people who wrote the scientific study (original WSJ article) are related to him and are trying to boost his ratings.

Because D-A-M-N.

Here’s their official list. Notice Bret Great (Favre is Swedish for Great. Which explains why he is second on the list. More on that later.)

The Handsome Meter

Here’s a list of the top 10 best-looking QBs in the NFL, ranked by how symmetrical their faces are, by percentage.

Player, Team Symmetry Rating
Matt Ryan, ATL 99.82%
Brett Favre, MIN 99.78%
Aaron Rodgers, GB 99.59%
Matt Hasselbeck, SEA 99.56%
Kerry Collins, TEN 99.49%
Ben Roethlisberger, PIT 99.43%
Shaun Hill, SF 99.35%
Tom Brady, NE 99.14%
Philip Rivers, SD 99.04%
Kurt Warner, ARZ 98.98%

Mad about Mad Men

12 Aug


I’m mad about Mad Men. And no. Not in a good way.

I tried to enter their contest yesterday but their servers for the contest were so bombarded that you couldn’t log on to save your life. Bummer, too, because it was for a potential walk-on spot on the show. I’d love to meet January Jones and Jon Hamm, but I’d really love to be outfitted by wardrobe in 60’s garb. Something very sleek would be cool. A wool gabardine dress. A lady coat. Oh I can just see it. Buttons up the back and pearls. I’d love every minute of it. Especially if I also got to wear a hat!

I love hats. I think I inherited that from my mother. She looks great in hats. That’s one of her fashion vices. While growing up, she was excited to be an adult so that she could wear all different kinds of hats with her outfits, but as she came of age, the hat-wearing culture was past it’s prime. I still love a good hat, though, and have way more than one person needs, especially since some hats are way too job specific. There are only so many places you could wear a beach sun hat. A pillbox hat would be nice. Matching the wool dress and with a hat pin. *sigh*

I’ll probably be as close to wearing a pillbox as I will be to filming a scene with Betty Draper or Peggy Olson. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Sometimes I think it would be cool if people still dressed in a 60’s ish manner. I know it’s unrealistic but I loved the style. Men wore suits and women wore dresses. People tried to be polished more so then than now and it was more out of place to be dressed shabbily. Nowadays you dress up and people ask if you’ve got an interview or are going to a funeral. Oh well. I can still channel the 60’s into my own wardrobe. And I just might start with a hat!

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