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Project time

8 Sep

A couple weeks ago my Mom and I made a trip down to Ikea and were looking for a cabinet for my living room. We’ve been on the hunt ever since I got my new desk last October (the arrival of the desk started a domino effect of furniture moving room to room within my place … which I’ll post about later)

The trip was good; We found a modular piece-it-yourself cabinet that would work but I wasn’t too keen on the doors. I figured, though, that with the amount of storage it would provide I could get over the doors not being quite what I wanted. The price being more than I was ready to pay (windshield wiper fiasco wiped me out there for a bit), I figured out the pieces I would need to make my return trip a quick one … but my Mom had other ideas.

Tall dresser

The Cabinet

She thought a second hand chest of drawers would be best (she did not like the Ikea idea at all … even after I showed her my out-of-season bedding situation) for both price and style and, though she didn’t find anything on her own, we found a great solid wood cabinet when we went out last weekend.

I already mentioned the cake and pie carrier I found, but my Mom found this tall dresser while we were waiting for a chair she had previously bought to be loaded into her car.

I’ll admit, the fact that it had a $39 price tag on it was a lot more tempting than the Ikea solution, but it needs a lot of work. And I was really wanting furniture that was ready to go. But I argued the missing handle on the left door was worth at least $10 bucks off. For $29 this Sherrill Furniture dresser is mine!

This cabinet is huge – just under 4 feet wide and a shade over 5 feet tall – and it is heavy as hell. Somehow, with the help of the guys who worked at the store, we got it on top of my Mom’s car … but I had no idea how, without the 2 guys and the loading ramp, we were going to get it off the car and up the stairs into my second floor apartment.

On top of the car

Only a hope and a prayer are getting this thing down

Upside down

It's in!


Don’t ask how, but we finally got the cabinet untied and into my apartment, albeit upside down, but the key is: it’s in my apartment.

After a lot of scrubbing with some diluted Mr. Clean, the piece looks pretty good. It could use a sanding and I’d like to paint it, but the reviews on that are mixed: My Mom thinks I should go for it and make it a really cool painted cabinet … but the wood is pretty nice and could just as easily be cleaned up and restored. Decisions, decisions!


Here’s a look at a few other pics:

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3 Nov

iphoneI finally took the plunge and bought iPhones this morning. And yes, that is plural. Mom doesn’t know it yet, but Thursday – she’s going to flip.

And then Friday I’m going to kick myself for having bought them.


26 Aug

HonestTeaCoffee hangovers are no fun. Or, at least, so I am told. Sunday mornings, when my mom and I cook instead of going out for breakfast, she will inevitably mention that we forgot to stop and get a cup of coffee for me. Verbatim, every time:

Her: Oh! We forgot to stop and get you a cup of coffee.

Me: It’s alright.

Her: You’ll have a caffeine headache at work!

Me: No, I won’t.

Her: Yes you will.

Me: Mom, I tell you this every time – I don’t drink coffee everyday. I won’t get a headache.

Her: *with that sing songy mom-tone* Alright, then …….

Well, today I had a coffee break and consumed three cups of coffee, with lots of cream of course, and I now feel worse than I did, pre-coffee – like a bore is going through my forehead.

I think I cut way back on the coffee when Allison couldn’t have it during the early part of her pregnancy, but now that she can have a little decaf, I have a little regular, too. And I feel blah.

Tuesdays I have an Honest Tea – Black, no sugar, no kidding – when I leave the gym. They have an interesting flat taste because they’re just tea and I’m starting to like it more and more. But the part I love the most are the interesting quotes that are under the lid. Yesterday, the Churchill quote seemed right on point for me. But my favorite thus far was last Tuesday, pre-foot burn.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned to have the life that is waiting for us.” – E.M. Forster

I keep thinking about that. It’s essentially the same quote as the ever popular “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” Or something like that – I might have it slightly wrong, but you get the idea.

So while I’m making plans to do great things with my life and nothing seems to be happening, i’m finding that my Mom is an even bigger role model for me. She’s just started her grad school classes on Monday and, at *cough cough* years of age, she’s changing her entire plan for the rest of her life. And it seems to be working. I don’t know if it’s acceptance, faulty plans or quotes on the bottom of tea lids, but I’ve been learning a lot (the past week in particular) that I’m not really sure where my life is heading but I’m ok with that because it all seems to come out right in the end.

And sometimes, as my Mom is finding out, the end can be further away than you think because it is possible to have the middle suddenly become the start.

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