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16 Jul

The Informant

The Informant!

Julie & Julia is getting closer but my Mom just showed me this preview for Matt Damon’s newest, directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Looks pretty funny. Now I’m wanting to read the book written about the real FBI informant – Whitaker.

My library list is getting pretty long these days. A drastic change from last summer, which was all biographies, this summer is turning out to be more fiction driven page turners, though they are all still loosely based on real events. Julie & Julia ended up being pretty good. I still can’t believe some of the dishes she tried – every time I think about poaching eggs in wine I start to cringe – why would you ruin wine like that?! … … … … … … … … … … p.s. I hate eggs.

But I am going to try a bit of my own recipe book cook-off – non-alcoholic party beverages to be served at a couple of baby showers i’m either throwing or attending this summer. I’m sure the guy in my library is going to laugh when he sees this next batch of books I’ve got to pick up!

Busy weekend ahead – concert on Friday and another wedding on Saturday with Joe the Photographer – can’t wait! Should be a fun time!


Look Up at the Clouds

29 Jun
Disney Pixar's Up

Disney Pixar's Up

What a weekend!

Go see ‘Up’ immediately if you haven’t already. And if you have seen it, go and see it in 3D. Now.

Honestly, I think it’s Pixar’s best movie to date; I was in heaven from the very beginning. And the animated short – Partly Cloudy – that plays before is just another testament to the brilliant and creative minds that work for Pixar.

Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy

Partly cloudy is a short story detailing how babies are made – by the clouds – and how they make it down to earth – via Stork, of course!

The two characters – Peck and Gus – have a working relationship. Gus is particularly good at making dangerous babies – alligators, rams, sharks, eels, porcupines – you name it – and poor Peck has the task of delivering them.

Pixar’s animation is just so incredible that one doesn’t really pay attention to the scenery anymore – it’s taken for granted – but to see the birds fly against the sky in the opening credit is amazing – even more so in 3D! The story line is amazing with great interaction between the characters – including an endearing moment when Gus attempts to help Peck with a feather loss issue. It’s just over 5 minutes but it’s the little details, such as when Gus gets upset and cries, it results in a storm below, that really make this a gem.

Up was just as great – especially liked that Mr. Fredrickson lives in house number 18 – with the flying balloons and talking dogs, as well as the anticipation of where…



… John Ratzenberger’s voice would be heard.

I also admired how the plot handled the life and passing of Ellie with such ease and grace. It made a moment that you knew would have to happen to advance the plot bearable, though I did shed a tear.

Russell was a hilarious character to use to soften Carl’s heart – he talked nonstop, whittling down Carl’s nerve in an effort to get his ‘assisting the elderly’ badge – the only gap on his otherwise complete merit badge sash.

Since I walked out of the theater, I can’t help but look up at the clouds and dream about what I might see – a stork or a bazillion balloons floating a house away?


18 May
Julie & Julia trailer

Julie & Julia trailer

While I didn’t exactly make it to the movies this weekend, I did manage to watch quite a few previews. Some looked good to me – though some of those choices may not be blockbusters. I’ll see soon enough.

One movie that does look fantastic is Nora Ephron’s “Julie & Julia”. I’m in love with the trailer – especially the interaction between Paul (Stanley Tucci) and Julia (Meryl Streep)

PC: “What is it that you really like to do?”

JC: “Eat!”

PC: “And you are so good at it!”

JC: “I know!”

But I’m more enthralled with the character (or real life person, as it were) of Julie, played by Amy Adams. She’s trying to find something better in life, as opposed to being a lowly cubicle worker, so she decides to cook every single recipe from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking – 524 recpies!

I’m interested in Julie Powell for three reasons. First: I believe her kitchen would have been about the size of mine and that gives me hope; I am a decent cook – when I take the time to go to the grocery store – and my mother did recently acquire Childs tome. Maybe I can learn to grocery shop. And to better use the things in my kitchen. Maybe.

Second: She decided to write (and subsequently kept up with) a blog. Again. Hope.

Third: She decided to do all of this to engage herself from her lack-luster life. Hope springs eternal.

So what does this all mean? Well, I can keep blogging and hope that, at some point, Nora Ephron decides to adapt my blog for the second ever movie based on a blog – which might negate the plastic fast … Or, I can keep chugging away – on my own!!! sans Hollywood – at My Plastic Fast (no more polos, you hear me Karma?) and eventually, move on to my very own bigger and better.

Chug chug chug chug chug chug chug chug …

All I wanna do

14 May

Up2All I really want to do today is watch movie trailers. I have no motivation to do anything else and I feel this is going to become a trend for the weekend.

I’m excited to see Up from Pixar, but am not happy it doesn’t start until Memorial Weekend. I understand the logic for it, three days of Box Office bliss and all, but when a movie mood strikes and there is nothing to sate it, well …

I guess I’ll just have to find something else in my movie arsenal to keep myself entertained this weekend, which could be easier said than done – I’ve seen all of them before!I feel a DVR clean-out marathon coming on.

Up looks so cute, from the talking dog to the idea of balloons lifting the entire house. I love the scene in the preview of the little girls’ bedroom bathed in colored light from the passing balloon house. It’s just too cute.

It’s going to be an anxious two weeks until the movie opens!


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