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Southside Lights

25 Aug

I broke the Hipstamatic camera out again the other night after dinner with my Aunt and cousins at Hofbrauhaus. I was driving around – mostly because I was confused on which street I needed – and managed to find my way back past I house I really like.

It’s a huge 3-story house in the slopes that looks like it should be situated in a French vineyard, not Pittsburgh. The outside is a pretty red brick/white wash that ages it enough and it’s got 2 wrought iron balconies that each have a beautiful view of the skyline. (Not to mention a building-wide deck that looks great for hosting the 4th of July!)

I thought I’d take a few pictures but I knew that my phone’s camera was going to be too dark … so the Hipstamatic came out and, with a couple of clicks, I thought I had a few nice nighttime exposures. None of them saved to my phone.

So I started the app again and, as this truck was coming up the hill, figured I could time the shutter so that the truck’s lights would illuminate the house against the steeple. My timing was a bit off, but I really like what turned out anyway!

I got back in the car and continued up the street to see this light wall. I think it’s a map of the South Side Slopes, but I could be wrong – and I haven’t yet found information on Google. Let you know what I come up with.


Almost forgot!

This photo is of the bottom left corner of the light wall:


It’s a Beautiful day in this Neighborhood

15 Dec

Last Friday, in lieu of decorating my tree, I went to the Heinz History Center in the Strip District. And I shouldn’t say in lieu of decorating. It was more, in lieu of putting the thing up at all. (Don’t fret. The tree did go up last night – after falling 4 times, but more about that later)

The trip was especially fun as I got to see bits from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. His green sweater is there and his iconic sneakers, but best of all, Trolley was there. It was fun getting to take a close up peak at them – especially since you’ve no real idea of scale for things you see on TV. That show was one of my favorites growing up as I very much wanted to live in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood – no one there ever moved away.

The whole day was like getting to be a kid again. And, like any other 3 and a half year old, I like to push buttons and turn everything on to make noise all at the same time, so I get a little miffed when things don’t work at museums – most of the displays seemed to be out of order, but, to my simultaneous delight and dismay, the Pittsburghese speaking robot worked.

Whomever wrote the script for the robot did their homework, citing the beginning of Pittsburghese as the English of immigrants – mainly from Scotland and the like – which, if you listen closely to todays version, you can still hear. Um. YeeeNo. The robot then began to speak in Pittsburghese and went through way more vocabulary than I wanted to sit through, but I heard words such as nebby, arn, dahntan and yinz, prononced in perfect Pittsburghese and followed by an English explanation.

Right there, that tells me that Pittsburghese is difficult. If you need to translate and the originating language is English … ’nuff said. Well, anyway, the robot gave me a new Pittsburghese word I hadn’t heard. Jine iggle. Obviously from seeing it spelled out, I can figure it out, but before the definition appeared on screen and I had only heard the robot, I had no idea what it was going to tell me the English equivalent was – I learned something new at the Heinz! Thanks Pittsburgh.

The other photos are from their ’60s living room – photographed to show my mom was 60’s designs I am not keen on as she hunts for more retro for my apartment.

One thing that kept crossing my mind, though, was how cool the main hall would be for a wedding reception. Earlier this year, Joe and I got to shoot some senior portraits outside the Heinz and the windows the overlook the strip looked like a nice place to shoot from … but being inside, the main hall would be even better.

There’s a 2 story entrance – the Bride and Groom could walk down the stairs for their big “hello!” plus the added benefit of giving your guests some neat time occupiers while they wait for you during cocktail hour! I’d tour the Lincoln exhibit for at least an hour – btw, Lincoln was a really funny and witty guy. Their special exhibit on him is great! But I digress.

I think Joe and I would have a lot of fun shooting – between the classic Pittsburgh trolley and Conestoga wagon, we’d have so many great pictures. It’s only been a month since our last wedding, but I’m anxious to shoot again … and I don’t know if I can make it til Spring!

They say our love won’t pay the rent

20 Jul

So pay the bills before you accrue debt … groundhog day

Repeating things in life begins to feel like the ultimate deja vu – groundhog day. And then there is repeating things multiple times within a short time span making it feel even more so.

Joe and I had another wedding this weekend and I think the thing that kept it from feeling like all the rest was the devotion that the bride’s father put into their wedding favors. He’s an avid wine connoisseur and made bottles of wine for each guest to take home with them. I didn’t get a chance to try it – yet – because it’s a little difficult to hold a flash steady when you’re not.

But some of the repetitiveness of weddings is getting to me a bit and I’m starting to notice only those parts of the day which set them apart from other weddings – the things on which they’ve spent thoughtful time – not money they didn’t have. Each one is nice in it’s own right, but I’ve come to realize that, at a wedding, guests care about very few things: Food, booze and music. Oh, and Cake.

Yes, it’s your family and friends there to support you on one of the biggest days of your life, but really, it’s more about the two of you and the commitment you’re making than the money you spend or anyone else in attendance – how else do explain some guests skipping the ceremony and heading straight for the reception venue?

Being on a plastic fast – which is still going very well by the way, more in a minute – is making me notice the things you should and shouldn’t spend money on – even for a once in a lifetime event such as a wedding. My mother went to my cousins wedding almost 8 years ago and to this day, the only thing she can remember – and raves about – was how fantastic the food was.

It’s the parts of the wedding that people participate in that they remember most.

I guess what I’m saying is don’t buy the expensive dress, no one will really notice, but go for the prime rib carving station – guests will cheer. And throw your bouquet. Not a similar, smaller “tossing” bouquet. What else are you going to do with it? Dry it out and let it collect dust for 15 years while it slowly breaks apart and you have to throw it away anyway?

These are the kinds of things I think about while waiting in line to pay for items in retail stores anyway. And yesterday I actually thought so long and hard about what I was waiting – forever – to pay for, that I actually talked myself out of everything because, even though the items were a good deal, $40 towards the fast vs. two gorgeous leather belts just sounded even better! I did buy a shirt, but that was because a staple item – such as the white button up in question – can very rarely be bought for $6.99 on sale.

A girl has to have at least something to wear to the wedding …

I’m making slow but steady process on the debt and have paid off roughly $1500 since I started this in March, which is pretty good considering I haven’t really cut down on eating in restaurants or nights out. It’s simply cash only.

If I don’t have the cash to pay for it, I don’t buy it – but the key to method is remembering to pay all the bills first so I don’t suddenly think I have cash. And then have no cell phone service.

Jenny’s Graduation

23 Jun

Here are a few photos from Jenny’s graduation from Ohio Universtiy. The flash didn’t work all that well and there is motion blur on the one and only shot where she knows she’s supposed to be looking at the camera from her seat. Whoops.

Oh well. At least she didn’t trip ; )

Congratulations Jenny. I’m really proud of you!

The Shermanator

22 Jun

Congratulations Kate and Ross!

Here are a few pictures from the Shermanator’s wedding last weekend. Be sure to check out the custom cake topper… And Jeff Gandee’s hair ; ) Enjoy!

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