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What a weekend

1 Jun

Going, going, going, Gone!

Time got away from me so quickly this weekend that I barely had enough to breathe, let alone do anything that wasn’t previously scheduled.

Kristin & Justin, courtesy Joe Appel Photography

Kristin & Justin, courtesy Joe Appel Photography

Saturday was my first day as assistant to my friend Joe Appel. I got to help him with the wedding photography of Kristin & Justin. Their wedding was in Heinz Chapel (my first time in the space – wow is it pretty!) and then their guests met up at Station Square for a reception on the Gateway Clipper. A great wedding to cut my teeth on as Joe’s assistant.

The excitement didn’t end there, either, as I also got to talk my way out of a towing and parking ticket for Joe’s car in Oakland – something that has never happened to me before – the talking my way out of it, I mean!



Then, after the wedding, I got to go to the Coldplay concert at PGP. It was a really great show with the band coming out into the lawn for a set of Green Eyes, Death will never conquer, and a cell phone wave/Beach Boys tune. It was really quite cool to be only 25 feet away from one of my favorite bands. The light show on stage was great, followed by confetti showers of tissue paper butterflies – a very cool effect.

Coldplay.com has a free album right now – Left Right Left Right Left – which they also passed out at the concert on Saturday – and it’s great. 100% Live. Give it a listen by going to their site and downloading the zip.

Work of Art Awards

Work of Art Awards

Last but not least – or, really, part of the weekend, either – Tonight is the Work of Art awards, hosted by the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council. I’m going, along with a few other Art All Nighters to accept 2 awards for the event. Red Carpet arrival, Awards and an After Party – should make for a great evening at the Pittsburgh Opera!

Hopefully the weather holds out a bit longer and we’re not all rushing the red carpet entrance too quickly – but it will definitely be fun to get to see my Art All Night cohorts one more time before the summer really takes off!


Day 8

9 Mar

I’m slowly seeing apathy replace motivation. It’s getting harder and harder to get myself off the couch at the end of a long day and write a blog post.

And I don’t know how I can change this as motivations are usually found in free shipping.

But motivating me tonight is that we had a great meeting for Art All Night which proved to be pretty beneficial. The event is going to be awesome come April.

I’ve got to say this whole not shopping thing has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. It’s difficult when the hours get boring and empty, but I’m finding other things to do with those hours – such as reading all the magazines that come through my mailbox as opposed to just glancing through the articles. Well …. reading the articles I can get to anyway.

My mailbox is about 3.5″ square and yet my mailman repeatedly crams in more mail than it can hold. The door doesn’t open the whole way either, so everything crammed in that is larger than the door is brutalized as I try and jaberwock it out of the mailbox.

Sometimes I get InStyle and Rolling Stone. Sometimes I don’t.

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